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King Clap Consultancy has been proudly serving worldwide in Turkish Real Estate since 2017. As a professional company we know well about Real Estate laws and procedures.

We take pride in working together with our customers as a team, taking pro-active steps to ensure that all needs are fulfilled. We believe that regular communication between all parties involved is one of the most critical aspects of our teamwork method. This approach does help to strengthen the bonds of a customer relationship which can bring lasting growth to all members of this team.

Our Team at King Clap Consultancy are specialized in assisting foreign nationals in to buying/selling property in Turkey.

We offer individualized personal services and attention to all our clients. Once you have decided to buy a property in Turkey the process will proceed quit easily and smoothly by choosing King Clap.

Meet Our Team

Our team specializes in Real Estate and Immigration

Founder & CEO
Visa & Immigration Consultant

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