Heavenly Locations & Robust Economy – Turkey is the best country to invest in real estate

From the time the Turkish government announces the offering of citizenship to the persons who invest there. The investment of foreigners in Turkish real estate from all around the world has been increased. The encouragement by the Turkish government by providing incentives on investment in Turkey multifold the interest of investors. However, whether there are no incentives on investments, Turkey has everything else to attract a real estate investor really quickly.

Why Turkey?

The first question of every investor is whether it is safe to invest in Turkey or not. The answer is quick and straightforward, yes it is really safe to invest there. Working with a professional real estate company will work wonders for you and give you safe and interesting opportunities.

If you are searching for the best city to invest in Turkey, then there are a lot of them. Istanbul has been on top of the ranking when it comes to the best cities to invest in the world. With gorgeous locations, dazzling sceneries, and a plethora of markets, Istanbul is an ideal city to invest in rental properties and residential apartments. Trabzon is one more option if you are searching for a fantastic opportunity for investment in commercial properties and market areas. But if you want to invest in a holiday home, there is nothing better than Antalya. There are top tourist attractions from sand beaches to amazing sceneries, that may work wonders for providing you high profits.

For mountain and greenery lovers, Fethiye is one more destination to invest in real estate. With beautiful landscapes and small villages like Uzumlu, this area possesses the rich cultural values of Turkey and attracts investors from Britain, Germany, and Russia.Turkey is also preferred by real estate investors due to the exchange rate and higher rental returns. Having rental yields of 8-11% against 2-4% from residential properties, investors show more interest in investing there. One more good thing about investing in rental properties in Turkey is you don’t have to pay for the furnishing of the home. The tenants would purchase all the furnishing according to their taste and requirements.

Financial and economic growth

The good & robust economy of Turkey is also a reason for carving out a way for persons around the world to invest here. Investors stay rest assured that the economy will not collapse and they are investing on a totally risk-free basis. As Turkey has one of the best engineering education systems in the world, the labor here is really competitive and skilled. The knowledge, skills, and expertise of construction engineers of Turkey ensure your investments will go right and boost your real estate business revenues.

There are somethings in negative also about investing in real estate in Turkey. The exchange rate of the Turkish lira fluctuates and it is very important to consider its rate before exchanging. Selling property is challenging in Turkey. It is hard to find a buyer if the market is slow. You might even have to compromise on some other things like financing interest rations and rental demands before investing there.

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