Investment in Turkey Real Estate

Turkey Real Estate

King Clap has been offering a wide selection of investment and lifestyle properties in the Turkish real estate market for more than a decade.  Our portfolio is the most comprehensive in the industry and we offer you a selection of properties approved for the Citizenship by Investment program. Our professional and dynamic team of real estate investment advisors is ready to assist you by offering you the most suitable options. Over the past few years, KingClap has grown its business and brand by helping over 1000 clients from 18 countries. Our status as an industry leader guarantees KingClap a solid ability to defend its position to secure favorable prices and payment terms.

Many foreigners and Pakistani investors are thinking of buying property in Turkey and we understand the attraction. Owning a second home in Turkey offers many lifestyle benefits. As a result, sales of foreign homes in prominent areas have reached an all-time high.

An important boost to the investment market in the residential property sector came when the Turkish Government reduced the minimum starting level for the Turkish Citizenship by Investment program from $USD 250 000. As one of the cheapest golden passport program in the world, Turkey also has a simplified application process.

Ideal lifestyle is guaranteed in Turkey. Pakistani investors looking for another country to retire to choose Turkey for its lifestyle. The glorious weather, healthy lifestyle, strong community vibe and seaside location are too much of a draw. Turkey is popular with investors looking to tap into one of the world’s fastest-growing tourism markets.

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