Property For Sale in Turkey 

Property For Sale

King Clap Consultancy offers a wide range of houses and villas in Turkey by the sea. On our site, you will find properties to suit all tastes and budgets in the best locations in Turkey. We provide the latest listings from verified sellers.

The Turkish property market offers high-quality properties that meet all modern standards of construction and design. A villa in the Turkish Riviera is a great choice if you are looking for a great holiday home or a profitable investment.


Property in Turkey is not only comfortable but also useful. Let us walk you through the benefits of buying a villa in Turkey.

1. Relaxation. The hassle of booking a hotel and following their hotel schedules and rules, having to put up with lots of tourists – you will forget about all these things. Buying a villa by the sea will allow you to go on holiday whenever you want.

2. Cost savings. Although villas are the most expensive type of property, the amount of money you will pay for them will be no more than for the same home in Russian cities. What’s more, you get a fully equipped house that is ready to live in.

3. Investments. Pakistani/international investors are free to choose what kind of usage you make with your new property: you can rent it out or sell it. Either way, you will make a small profit as property prices are constantly rising.

4. Land ownership. It is evident that you become the owner of a plot of land near the house when you buy a villa. Foreign investors can buy land up to a maximum of 10% of the area of each province and a maximum of 30 hectares per person.

5. Friendly environment. Villas are generally not located in densely populated areas, the only exception being those on the front line.

6. Turkish urban planning standards prohibit dense development. The government thus preserves the architectural value and environment of the city.

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